DevOps/Infra Engineer

Athens, Attiki, Greece


You love Linux but you may have experience managing other systems too. And you love hardware. You live to build beautifully orchestrated clusters with many machines working together. You feel at home when in the Data Center. You've seen firsthand how anything can fail at any time and know how to design systems that have the necessary fault tolerance. Tough problems excite you and motivate you to go above and beyond. You are able to decide for the right reasons whether to deploy on-premise, choosing and setting up the machines yourself, or go to AWS/GCP. You are looking forward to the next software release, to roll it out and make the new features available. You see the value in optimizing developer workflows. You've got character. Then, we want to talk to you.

You will be working closely with a lean team of Software Engineers who write deep, storage-oriented code to handle large-scale infrastructure challenges which you may have already encountered, so you'll feel at home. You'll be responsible for the company's existing infrastructure and will also be the one executing its large expansion. You'll be facing some interesting orchestration problems when running at scale and you will be implementing testing and integration workflows for the rest of the team. Along with designing our clusters you will also be responsible for the tooling that our engineers will use. We utilize the latest modern tools, and are strong supporters of open source. Being one of our first DevOps hires, you will also help with recruiting, mentoring, and leading the infrastructure team as the company grows.

Our ideal candidate has managed large, production-quality systems with multiple points of failure, contributed to popular open source projects and developed custom tooling to automate workflows.



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